Microsoft.NET (Part 1)

     This course teaches C# 4.0 and VB.NET 2010 languages. It covers .NET libraries such as IO streams and Collections.
This also teaches building Windows Applications and Distributed applications.
It covers advanced concepts like Global Assemblies and Reflection.

Microsoft.NET 4.0 (Part -I)


This is first of two part course on Microsoft.NET 4.0. This course teaches programming languages of .NET like C# and VB.NET. It covers Windows Application, IO Streams, Collections, Remoting, Assemblies and other important topics related to .NET.Candidates are suggested to start with this course and upon completion of this course, continue to next course Microsoft.NET 4.0 (Part 2 - ASP.NET, AJAX, LINQ) to be able to build Web application and Web services with .NET.
Prerequisite for this course is C Language.

.Net Framework

  • What is .NET Framework?
  • Component of .NET – CLR and Library
  • Introduction to Visual Stdio.NET

C# Language

  • C# Language elements
  • Object oriented programming with C# - Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism 
  • Properties and indexers
  • Automatically implemented properties
  • Interfaces, Structures, Enumeration
  • Assemblies, Namespaces and Access specifiers
  • Partial classes
  • Partial methods
  • Exception Handling
  • Operator overloading
  • Conversion operators
  • Extension methods
  • Delegates
  • Lamda expressions
  • Events
  • Generic classes and methods
  • Dynamic lookup
  • Multithreading
  • Creating Attributes

Windows Applications

  • What is a windows application?
  • Using Textbox, Button, CheckBox, RadioButtons
  • Using ComboBox, GroupBox etc.
  • Event handling
  • Handling mouse and keyboard events 
  • Using menus and multiple windows 

.NET Library

  • Standard types such as Object, String, StringBuilder, DateTime etc. 
  • IO Streams – Stream, FileStream, StreamReader, File, Directory etc. 
  • Serialization of Objects 
  • Collection Classes – ArrayList, HashTable etc.
  • Generic based collections – List, Dictionary etc. 
  • Network classes – TCPListener etc. 
  • Reflection – Type, Assembly etc.

Advanced .Net

  • Structure of Assembly
  • Creating class libraries – Private assembly
  • Creating Global assemblies and GAC
  • Building distributed application using .Net Remoting
  • Building distributed application using WCF

VB.NET Language

  • Origin of VB.NET
  • Language elements of VB.NET
  • OOP with VB.Net
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       Note : Course Through Online or Offline .

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