Microsoft.NET 4.0 (Part -II)

Microsoft.NET 4.0 (Part 2 - ASP.NET 4.0, AJAX, LINQ)


This course teaches how to build Web Application, Web Services using .NET 4.0. It covers data access using ADO.NET and LINQ. It also teaches how to make web applications more interactive using ASP.NET AJAX. 

This is second course in two part course that covers entire Microsoft.NET.  First part of this course is - Microsoft.NET 4.0 (Part1 - C# 4.0, VB.NET 2010).
As we use SQL Server throughout the course, introduction to SQL Server and T-SQL are part of this course.
At the end of the course you will be taught to handle a multi-tiered/layerd project using Presentation/User interface layer (UIL), Business logic layer(BLL) and Data access layer(DAL).

The prerequisites for this course are language C# and SQL.

Fundamentals of ASP.NET

  • Introduction to Web Applications
  • HTML
  • CSS 
  • JavaScript
  • Understanding architecture ASP.NET 
  • Creating ASP.NET Pages – Web Forms 
  • Working with web controls – Button, Textbox etc. 
  • Postback and ViewState concepts 
  • Enabling viewstate for individual controls
  • Different type of List controls 
  • Setting Meta tags
  • Validation controls 
  • FileUpload, AdRotator, MultiView, Calendar etc. 
  • State Management – Cookies, Sessions and Applications 
  • Handling session and application events using global.asax 
  • Error handling in ASP.NET , Tracing and debugging
  • Routing

MS SQL Server

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2008
  • Working with basic SQL
  • T-SQL Functions – Numeric, String, DateTime, System
  • Programming constructs of T-SQL 
  • Stored procedures
  • Stored functions 
  • Triggers


  • Understanding ADO.NET provider model
  • Connection to SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access and other databases
  • Command and DataReader objects
  • Working with parameters
  • Working with disconnected data using DataSet, Datatable etc. 
  • Transaction management with ADO.NET 
  • Calling stored procedures from ADO.NET 
  • Introduction to DataBinding 
  • Data binding with List controls 
  • Working with SQLDataSource control
  • Working with GridView 
  • DetailsView, FormView to manipulate data 
  • DataList and Repeater controls 
  • ListView control to group data
  • QueryExtender control


  • What is XML?
  • Where and why XML is used 
  • Using XML API – XMLTextReader, XMLDcoument 
  • Searching XML document using XPATH 
  • Defining structure using DTD and Schema
  • XMLDataSource control

Navigation, Security and Caching

  • Treeview, Menu, SiteMapDataSource etc.
  • Master pages and Themes 
  • Understanding Authentication and authorization 
  • Forms authentication 
  • Windows and Passport authentication 
  • Membership API and Login controls 
  • Output caching 
  • Data caching using Cache object

Web Services

  • What is Web Service?
  • Understanding SOAP, WSDL, Proxy etc.
  • Creating Web services 
  • How to consume web services 
  • XML Serialization 
  • Working with WCF – Windows Communication Foundation


  • What is AJAX and need for AJAX
  • Implementing AJAX with JavaScript
  • Using ASP.NET AJAX – UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress etc.
  • Using ASP.NET Ajax Control toolkit
  • Clientside Template Rendering - DataView control


  • What is LINQ? 
  • Query operators and methods 
  • Accessing Object using LINQ 
  • Understanding LINQ to XML 
  • Using LINQ to SQL to access and manipulate database 
  • Using LinqDataSource control.

Mobile Web Application

  • Architecture of mobile web application 
  • Using Mobile web controls
  • Devices specific content.


  • Discussion about project. 
  • How to create layers – PL/UIL, BLL, DAL in project 
  • Implementation of security and navigation in project. 
  • How to host websites.

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